Helicopter Operations in 1963

A look at the types of helicopters used by U.S. Army advisers in South Vietnam in 1963, and how they were employed in South Vietnamese army operations.

Part 1: The Piasecki H-21 "Shawnee" Troop Carrier

In the early stage of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, Piasecki H-21 Shawnees were used by American Army advisers to transport South Vietnamese soldiers to the battle zone.

Part 2: The Bell UH-1A "Huey" Armed Helicopter

The Bell UH-1A armed helicopter was the first "Huey" model. This utility helicopter played many roles, including ground attack by machine gun or rocket launcher.

Part 3: The Bell UH-1B "Huey" Armed Helicopter

The UH-1B was equipped with an armament system that was more versatile than that of the UH-1B's predecessor in the line of Bell Huey helicopter models.

Part 4: A Heliborne Strike in South Vietnam in 1963

In Vietnam in 1963, U.S. Huey helicopters would escort H-21 Shawnees crewed by American soldiers carrying South Vietnamese troops to battle with the Viet Cong.