The Bell UH-1B "Huey" Armed Helicopter

The armament system of the Bell UH-1B was more versatile than that of the UH-1A "Alpha" model Hueys. "Bravo" models were first deployed to Vietnam in November 1963.

When the UH-1B arrived from Bell Helicopter in the United States, it was apparent that its machine gun armament was designed for effective fire at all angles. Four traversable M60 machine guns had been provided; two for each side. They fired the NATO 7.62 mm round.

The gunner co-pilot aims and fires through a movable sight with the trigger set in the handle. The video shows the 7.62 mm machine gun system that was known in the Army as the "XM6 kit". The guns could be traversed 70 degrees to either the right or left of the aircraft. Also, they traversed up and down, so that if necessary, they could fire directly beneath the aircraft.

While the UH-1B's machine gun system was a tremendous improvement over that of the UH-1A, a rocket system was lacking. This weapon, successful against the Viet Cong, was installed on the UH-1B after its arrival in Vietnam. Adapting the UH-1A's system, 16 rocket launchers were emplaced on the UH-1B, eight on each side, by local ordnance personnel. As with the UH-1A, the 2.75 inch was the rocket ammunition of the UH-1B.

So, with the UH-1A's 16 rockets and two fixed machine guns, and the UH-1B's 16 rockets and four traversable machine guns, these armed helicopters were believed to be ready and able to carry the fight to the hundreds of communist cells maintained by the Viet Cong in jungles, forests and deltas.